sense of being

biodiversity, the core of our project

Biodiversity is not only a sum of different species but coexistence. Animals, plants, microorganisms and man for thousands of years have evolved influencing each other while maintaining, each, a unique and unrepeatable evolutionary history.

At Vigna di Pettineo we set ourselves the goal of maintaining this balance by adopting techniques that encourage the conservation and development of biodiversity. Flowering bushes, aromatic herbs, and fruit trees give shelter to birds and insects as well as dry stone walls become, in addition to frills, a refuge for reptiles. Our interventions and studies go beyond always aimed at preserving the beauty of nature.

Vigna di Pettineo covers about 60 hectares. The largest part is vines. As a frame of vineyards is planted citrus and olives trees, aromatic herbs too that give colour and scents to our little heaven.  

our job

We love to define Vigna di Pettineo as a constantly evolving biological project. Field research, and continuous experimentation are linked to our love for nature. A love reciprocated that influences and improves our production of wines and oil.

We apply to grass to protect the soil from erosion as well as promote the development of microorganisms. To attract insects, which would otherwise have disappeared, we planted 80 linear meters of flowering bushes per hectare of vineyard.

The land of the estate is surrounded by dry stone walls, typical of the territory of Ragusa, which in addition to beautifying and characterizing give shelter to different families of reptiles.

Visiting Vigna di Pettineo means immersing yourself in unspoilt nature. Here nothing bends to the will and hand of man, rather it is nature to dictate its ancestral rules. Everything is aimed at maintaining a balance between animal and plant species, including humans, preserving the ecosystem.