We grew up surrounded by wine, at home and in the winery. With a father from Marsala, great homeland of modern Sicilian wine-making history, and two grandparents who were winemakers in the Cerasuolo region, our childhood was a period marked out by the frantic pace of the great grape harvests and the slow, patient rhythm of the long wine-making process.
This world, which can be full of simplicity while being utterly captivating, nourishes our family connections. We can still see those consignments of wine leaving our cellars to be transported to other shores, and hear the endless discussions around the vines that continued at home,

and with these memories fresh in our minds and nurturing our passion we chose to continue this tradition, to take part in the great renaissance of Sicilian vine growing and wine making, which in recent decades has led our generation of producers to appreciate the richness of this veritable wine continent and bring it to an international market.
Since the ’90s we have transformed Maggio Vini into a contemporary winery, where we grow our vines according to organic farming methods and with ever new investments in research and innovation, while maintaining foremost the splendid aptitude of this region for generating the very finest of wines.