Falstaff Tasting: Sizilien Trophy 2021
Falstaff Tasting: Sizilien Trophy 2021

Falstaff Tasting: Sizilien Trophy 2021

Falstaff is a magazine focused on food, wine and travel. It has been edited for the first time in Austria dating back to 1980 and it represents the most important Austrian-German wine magazine a staple for the industry professionals.

The magazine is released in 3 different countries: Germany, Austria and Swisse, it has reviewed the wine of the family collection of Vigna di Pettineo within the yearly reportage on Sicilian oenology.

Sicily is the second one Italian largest winemaking region, after Veneto, where the grapes are cultivated up to 1000 meters of altitude. There’s a huge varieties of grape as the growning system and kind of soil. Modern cellar technology guarantees not only ripe fruit, but also freshness.

Nach dem Veneto ist Sizilien die zweitgrößte Weinbauregion Italiens. Vom Meeresniveau bis auf 1000 Meter Höhe wird hier angebaut. Die dabei entstehende Vielfalt an Sorten, Lagen und Stilen ist enorm. Und moderne Kellertechnik garantiert nicht nur reife Frucht, sondern auch Frische.

Tasting: Sicilia Trophy 2021; tasting by Othmar Kiem and Simon Staffler
Published on 27.08.2021

Bright golden yellow with sparkling soul. Candied pineapple with fresh bread and walnut butter explosively meets the nose with ripe bananas and white chocolate. It opens with vigour to the palate, is very powerful, fills the entire palate, presents itself with broad shoulders, complex, creamy and long-lasting, a somewhat thick result.

The colour is an intense and slightly opaque garnet red, with darker shades, the nose is slightly fresh with hints of marjoram, the fresh crust of black bread and clay. Delicate taste on the palate, the tannins are finely ripe, balanced, slightly warm, gives the palate a touch of freshness, a full and spicy taste.

Bright ruby red, with garnet hues, aromatic bouquet of ripe berries, fine cedarwood, fresh bread crust, some sun on the finish. It spreads in a finely spicy way, with notes of juniper, an abundant fusion of fruit and a fine tannin with the grip that interacts with the acidity, complex with compact structure, it launches in the end with great enthusiasm.