• We’re deeply connected with our land and family too


Farmer Heritage

  • Pettineo has been a little rural area lived only farmers with their families up to ’60 years. They were strictly connected with the land as only a farmer can do. The rural environment and its culture have influenced the developing of the organic farm project of Massimo Maggio, who wants to do relived in this place deeply loved by ancient people.


Territory Features

  • Due to the teaching of fathers now we know as picking the grapes, take care of our vineyards and also learned the techniques of vinification. Thanks to this teaching, we make a wine that is an icon of the features of our land.


  • La tua #winexperience a Vigna di Pettineo, tra passeggiate e degustazioni, diverrà un ricordo indelebile ed una esperienza irripetibile…