• Vigna di Pettineo is an evolving organic farm project, developed through the care of the natural environment, based on our territory heritage. All this is our way to be.


Nature Care

  • We won’t make only an organic wine we make it fully respecting the nature!!


  • We carry on some process as the respect of biodiversity, grassing and using of organic coal We use water rain and green energy too, all of this allowed us to achieve our goals.


  • Use the grassing process at times also endless so we uphold the soil from the erosion, helping the borning out of different kinds of microorganism which are useful too to be enriched the ground life. Have planted flowering bushes along 80 mt for each one vineyard hectare to attract insects differently vanished. To give refuge to different species of reptile we’ve rebuilt the dry stone walls all around our estate.



  • Your #winexperience at Vigna di Pettineo, your walking and tasting will become an unforgettable memory, a unique experience

Sustainable Farming

  • Our applications in sustainable agriculture range from the use of bio-charcoal to the use of different leguminous mixtures for green manure. To regulate the humidity of the soil, in dry periods, and to promote the activity of microorganisms, we use bio charcoal. We also study the use of vegetable oils and extracts to replace copper and sulphur products, the use of biodegradable materials, the reduction of sulfites in wine making up to the production of wines in the absence of them.


  • We get the water from artificial reservoirs bringing it to our vineyards and plants, as well we’ve chosen to use a subsoil watering system to preserve the natural environment and reduce the water waste. We collect rainwater and use only needed self-made energy by solar cells.