We of Vigna di Pettineo have no intention of stopping here...

To achieve our results, remaining faithful to the company philosophy, we have introduced some practices including respect for biodiversity, grassing, the use of charcoal and the reuse of rainwater. We apply grassing, even perennial, to defend the soil from erosion and encourage the development of different species of micro-organisms that activate life underground.


Valuing biodiversity is our priority so we planted 80 linear meters of flowering bushes per hectare of vineyard. This allows us to attract insects that have otherwise disappeared. We built drywalls around our vineyards as a Ragusan tradition even to give shelter to different families of reptiles.

Sustenable Farming

Deeply convinced in the importance of using ecological methods for our crops we use bio-charcoal and several leguminous mixtures for green manure, our applications in sustainable agriculture are many. To regulate the humidity of the soil, in dry periods, and to promote the activity of microorganisms, we use biocharcoal. We also study the use of vegetable oils and extracts to replace copper and sulphur products, the use of biodegradable materials, the reduction of sulfites in winemaking up to the production of wines in the absence of them.

Water Keeper

Put on a useful rainwater collection system for water-saving and even artificial reservoirs for irrigation of the fields. In addition, we use an underground irrigation system that allows us to reduce water consumption by 1/4, which have always been our priorities. Furthermore, Vigna di Pettineo, thanks to the installation of solar panels, is self-sufficient in terms of energy consumption.


From most important Sicilian white grapes!!