About Us

  • The wine flows in our veins since our borning due to our father, who was from Marsala the highest Sicilian wine production city. Even our grandfathers were winemakers from the city of Vittoria, the land of Cerasuolo. So our childhood has been featured by intense times of picking grapes as well the long and slow times of winemaking.


  • With this world that manages to be full of simplicity and charm, we have a family connection. With the memory we go to those loads of wine that from our winery left for other shores. We keep the memory of the speeches on the vines, continually renewed at home…. we chose to continue with this tradition for passion.


  • We took part in the Sicilian wine renewal movement with the other winemakers we undertook to make know Sicilian wine and delivered to the people the richness of our land.

  • Since the ’90 years, we’ve projected our company to the future change it in an up to date company. We take care of our vineyards choosing organic agriculture. Improving and developing are both our priority to get with the times never forget our past.

Our Collection

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    For a long time, the vineyards of Pettineo give us the grape of Nero d'Avola and Frappato from which we got the organic wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From the bush trained vineyards are gotten the grapes of Nero d'Avola to make the organic wine of our collection "Vigna di Pettineo".

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From our bush trained vineyards, we got grapes of Frappato which are used for the making of our selection "Vigna di Pettineo".

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From our vineyards cultivated by Guyot method we got the grapes of  Grillo are used for the making of our selection "Vigna di Pettineo".