our heritage




We grew up with wine in our blood, at home and on the farm. With a father from Marsala, great homeland of modern Sicilian oenology, and two grandparents winegrowers in the land of Cerasuolo, the time of our childhood was marked by the intense rhythm of the great vintages and the slow pace of winemaking. With this world that manages to be simple and full of charm we have a family connection but not only: with the memory in the eyes of loads of wine that from our old winery left to other shores, within the head the speeches on the vines that were kept continuously in the house, we chose to continue with this tradition, we chose to indulge our passion

tale of territory




Legend has it that the river Dirillo, in the middle of these valleys, was the first landing place of Aeneas in Europe. And here the vines were already cultivated, since the foundation of Kamarina by the Syracusans: in the archaeological park a stone’s throw from the company Maggio, coins and wine amphorae still carry traces of the ancient wine history of this territory.
When in 1607 Vittoria Colonna Henriquez, Countess of Modica, founded the town to which she gave her name, gave the settlers one hectare of land on condition that they cultivated another hectare of vineyard, planting the Nero d’Avola and the Frappato that already then made up the blend of Cerasuolo. We are in the heart of a land that tells the entire history of humanity, from prehistoric settlements near the sea to the baroque historic centers of the Val di Noto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

oneness and uncommoness



The traits of the soil of Vigna di Pettineo is the red color with medium sandy texture. The surface layer of 40 – 100 cm of red sand originating from the so-called marine terraces resting on a limestone base fundamental to ensure a water balance to the plants. These conditions allow us to give our wines inimitable characteristics.

The identity of the company coincides with the choice to tell our territory, its history, with the rediscovery and enhancement of native vines, research and experimentation in the field of sustainable agriculture.

Our labels represent the link to the enological tradition of the territory of Cerasuolo, the work of entire generations whose passion and dedication are still today an example, what pushes to always look ahead, to bring in every bottle the essence of this territory.