We grew up with wine in our blood, at home and on the farm. With a father from Marsala, great homeland of modern Sicilian oenology, and two grandparents winegrowers in the land of Cerasuolo, the time of our childhood was marked by the intense rhythm of the great vintages and the slow pace of winemaking. With this world that manages to be simple and full of charm we have a family connection but not only: with the memory in the eyes of loads of wine that from our old winery left to other shores, within the head the speeches on the vines that were kept continuously in the house, we chose to continue with this tradition, we chose to indulge our passion


We want to make wine that represents our land with its personality and features. We won’t make organic wine only we want to make it fully respecting nature.


Tradition and improving, research and respect for the natural environment to keep the noble viticultural vocation of our land.

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    For a long time, the vineyards of Pettineo give us the grape of Nero d'Avola and Frappato from which we got the organic wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From the bush trained vineyards are gotten the grapes of Nero d'Avola to make the organic wine of our collection "Vigna di Pettineo".

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From our bush trained vineyards, we got grapes of Frappato which are used for the making of our selection "Vigna di Pettineo".

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From our vineyards cultivated by Guyot method we got the grapes of  Grillo are used for the making of our selection "Vigna di Pettineo".