beyond organic


Olive Oil, Sauces, Pasta....

We make other products in addition to our wine trough them we’d tell about our territory and food heritage.


Through the flavours and smells of our products of Biodiversity, we want to tell a land, ours, traditions and culture of a piece of Sicily…


Careful to the environment and the ecosystem we have added to the production of organic wines a range of other products using only organic raw materials…


If you want to taste the products you just have to come and visit us or buy a box of Sfiziusu. Fill up with authentic Sicilian flavours…

our concept box


above and beyond

Sfiziusu, our concept box

We thought of enclosing flavors and traditions of our land in a “concept” box. Our Sfiziusu tells of frugal meals consumed by farmers of the past, tells the flavors of the Mediterranean and the Iblee countryside.

Organic Olive Oil

We handpick the olives of Moresca e Tonda Iblea from which we get organic extra-virgin olive oil Vigna di Pettineo!!

Grappa di Cerasuolo di Vittoria

The grappa’s preservation is done by an exclusive technology knew as “grappa system”. Its purpose is to preserve all the aromas during the distillation.

Alembics with particular attention at the separation of the core of the distillate.

Directly from our citrus groves, processed and packaged in Vigna di Pettineo...

Our orange jam comes from the citrus fruits of Vigna di Pettineo. Our oranges are grown organically and the entire processing takes place in Vigna di Pettineo.

From the wheat of the Vigna di Pettineo estate we produce organic spaghetti with our brand

Pasta cannot be missing in a concept box that represents our culinary tradition.