Vigna di Pettineo covers a total area of 25 hectares of which we have reserved 20 to the vineyards. Among them we cultivate Nero d’Avola and Frappato with the old alberate training system that we continue to practice till today.

The vineyards, molding between the ancient olive groves and citrus fruit trees, are grown only on the basis of organic farming by creating, in a natural way, a system of biodiversity.
The characteristic of the soil is the red colour with medium sandy texture.

Soils have a surface layer of 40- 100 cm of red sand, which is originated from the so-called marine terraces, resting on a limestone base that is essential to ensure a continuous water balance of plants, conditions that give character and individuality to the wines produced. On these lands, since centuries, grapes devoted to the production of quality wines are cultivated. Careful selection of grapes allows to keep intact the organoleptic characteristics of the “terroir“.
The old winery is located in the centre of the vineyards.