Vigna di Pettineo
Il Terroir

Great Wines Come From Rich Ground

Only a rich land is able to create excellent grapes from which come great wines

Estate of Pettineo

Heart of Cerasuolo production

Pettineo vineyard covers about 60 hectares. The vineyards represent the heart of our crops. To frame the citrus grove and the olive trees, almond and pistachio, herbs and aromatic plants, and finally, color and perfume our little paradise.

Vittoria RG

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Contrada Pettineo

Winery, vineyards

Vigna di Pettineo Collection

Organic From Handpicked Grapes


On an expanse of red sand

A mild climate, the proximity to the sea and at the same time the protection of the Iblei hills have made these places a land suitable for wine production.

The main feature of the soils is the sandy texture, composed of a surface layer of 40-100 cm of red sands, originating from the so-called sea terraces, resting on a layer of limestone-based tuff important to ensure the constant water balance of the plant, necessary conditions to produce great wines of Sicily.


Su di una distesa di sabbia rossa

We prefer the manual harvesting of grapes to preserve the properties of the same and respect a work ethic that aims to preserve our workers.

Believing in the power of native Sicilian grapes, mainly in Frappato and Nero D’avola it’s our strength.  Here these varieties both find their own homeland and from their merging become the Cerasuolo di Vittoria which is the mark of our territory and its wine heritage.

Our wines are organically gotten from the grapes farmed at Vigna di Pettineo. They are bottled after a careful selection of grapes used as well as methods of vinification and aging.

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Tasting experiences

The indelible imprint of the history of wine is still clear in Vigna di Pettineo. Guardians of time and nature, so we want to define ourselves.