Vittoria doc Frappato
Vittoria doc Frappato

Vittoria doc Frappato

DOC Vittoria

From the vines of Pettineo we obtain the grapes of Frappato for our organic wine. The most authentic expression of our territory.

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DOC Vittoria

From the best grapes rigorously selected by hand we produce this wine with a bright cherry red color with hints of berries and velvety tannins.

DOC Vittoria

White meat, cheese and grilled tuna

Organic and sustainable farming

100% Frappato

Described / Red Wine D.O.C. Vittoria
Variety/ Frappato 100%
Alcohol Content  / 13,5% vol
Content / 75 cl.

Vineyards Location / Sud East Sicily, C.da Pettineo within Vittoria countryside, 170 mt (a.s.m.) red sand ground.

Yield per ha / 50 Q.
Vinification /7 days of macerating above skins and controlled temperature fermentation
Steel tank / a month
Glass bottle aging / 3 month

Colour /Red cherry with purple nuances.
Smell / Fruity and spicy, hints of red berry fruits.
Taste / Enriched by fresh red fruit and elegant tannins.
Pairing / White meat, grilled fish specially tuna if served cold.
Serving Temperature / 12°-14° C.