• Your #winexperience at Vigna di Pettineo, your walking and tasting will become an unforgettable memory, a unique experience…


Just picture Vigna di Pettineo like a place where nature and people live in an ancestral symbiosis, in mutual and reliable respect, supporting each other.

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Start your visit among our vineyards. We tell you our idea of organic agriculture and how we take care of vineyards and other growing

Uve e Vigneti

The journey continues across the vineyards to discover how we grow up the grapes variety of Vigna di Pettineo.

Harvesting and Vinification

Follow us to the micro-cellar and then into the ancient barrel's room up to the old winery to know as was made wine times ago.


Let us continue with the tasting of our wine collection with local other products.

Our Collection

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    For a long time, the vineyards of Pettineo give us the grape of Nero d'Avola and Frappato from which we got the organic wine Cerasuolo di Vittoria.

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From the bush trained vineyards are gotten the grapes of Nero d'Avola to make the organic wine of our collection "Vigna di Pettineo".

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From our bush trained vineyards, we got grapes of Frappato which are used for the making of our selection "Vigna di Pettineo".

  • Vigna di Pettineo

    From our vineyards cultivated by Guyot method we got the grapes of  Grillo are used for the making of our selection "Vigna di Pettineo".


    • Your unforgettable experience among vineyard and tasting our wine, all of these at Vigna di Pettineo!!

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