Stroll through the vineyards, the centuries-old olive trees and the citrus grove of Vigna di Pettineo. Visit the ancient winery and the micro-winery. Taste our organic wines.



To the visit to the winery and vineyards add the tasting of typical, organic products to accompany the wines of our family collection.



A lunch in contact with nature. Rediscover the values, customs, simplicity and conviviality of a world now far away, the farmer who still lives in Vigna di Pettineo.

Your #winexperience a Vigna di Pettineo, walking and tasting, will become an indelible memory and a unique experience...

A visit to Vigna di Pettineo means tasting the organic wines of the estate and the typical dishes of the tradition. We thought of the creation of a micro-cellar to satisfy the curiosity of the guests about the winemaking processes and for educational purposes we have created kitchens where we can organize masterclasses. If instead you are nostalgic or want to rediscover ancient traditions the old mill and the mill, the shop and all the work tools are jealously guarded at Vigna di Pettineo.

Tastings of typical products or light lunch, give yourself a lunch in contact with nature...

Choose a date to dedicate to your senses a path of perception and emotions and reserve to your body a state of well-being. Stroll through the vineyards, listen to nature and sink into the pleasure of wine. At the end of your journey, indulge in a quick lunch or taste typical products, all strictly organic.


You have:

Guided tour of the estate. Vineyards, olive and citrus groves.

Visit micro cellar.

Visit old winery

Tasting 3 wine.

€ 15,00


You have:

Add to the Wine&trekking package the tasting of local and organic products.

€ 20,00


You have:

Add a lunch in the cellar to the Wine&trekking package.